Precast Concrete Residential Solutions

Alcrete offer a quick, safe and easy solution  for residential buildings – a complete suite of system build units, including the design and manufacture of foundation, ground floor and first floor units, as well as roof wall panels.

Advantages of Residential Solutions

  • Off-site production compresses project duration and reduces preliminaries to drastically reduce the timeline.
  • Health and Safety is improved due to upfront design, less people involved and less materials on-site.
  • The programme can be controlled more efficiently and early manufacture results in a shorter timeframe.
  • In-house design team means a reduced workload for architects and designers on client side.
  • Increased coordination between in-house designers and a wide range of wall options.
  • Concrete reaches a higher strength and earlier.
  • A factory environment means greater precision and less waste.
  • Products have a factory-controlled superior finish.
  • Reduced amount of materials used and community disturbance.
  • Less dust/noise/traffic on-site.
  • Less constraints from the weather.
  • Designed to the highest fire protection standards.
Precast Concrete Residential Solutions | Shay Murtagh Precast

The Benefits of Precast Concrete in Residential Buildings

Although it may not be thought of as a traditional material for residential use, precast concrete offers many benefits to the house builder, and also to the residents of the finished building. Concrete can be used to build two- or three-storey housing units with a conventional appearance, as well as the modernistic high-rise and mixed-use developments, particularly suited to inner cities, which are often associated with the medium.

Concrete housing projects can use existing plans, saving expenditure on design and compliance costs, and reducing to a minimum the time needed before building work can commence.

As much of the construction process using precast concrete takes place in climate-controlled factory conditions, bad weather presents far less of a hazard than with other building methods, and construction can proceed throughout most months of the year. On-site labour is also reduced, with many projects requiring only a small number of workers.

As precast concrete components are delivered as needed, on-site storage can be kept to a minimum, thus saving on space and making gains in security. Wastage of materials can also be kept much lower, and the reduced number of deliveries will produce less disruption to a residential neighbourhood.

Precast concrete’s benefits to the end-user include the noted thermal efficiency of this construction material; the sun’s heat is absorbed during the day and later released as the building cools, saving on heating costs, and potentially eliminating the need for air-conditioning. In recent years, this ‘Thermal Mass’ effect has generated increasing interest in precast concrete as a residential building medium, with some experimental concrete-built houses reaching remarkable levels of fuel efficiency.

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