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Hansfield Houses – Blanchardstown

Alcrete Building Systems designed, manufactured, delivered and installed structural walls and foundation units for Precast Concrete Houses for Newline Homes. Newline Homes were contracted to work on the development of family homes in one of Dublin’s increasingly prominent residential areas – Hansfield. With Alcrete’s unsurpassed service in terms of speed, precision and quality, and world-class production system they were a natural choice to supply the units.

The foundation units incorporated both a strip foundation and rising wall in a composite precast unit. These precast foundation units were designed to incorporate opes for services required within the foundation. Each element of the composition was considered to provide maximum structural stability to the housing units. The walls were also manufactured to allow for the electrical conduits and backing boxes required by the design. They were delivered with a fair face finish – a perfectly smooth surface which only required a paint finish on-site.

The main advantages of this kind of build are:

  • Programme: The system is faster than traditional builds, and aggressive delivery and install programmes can be achieved.
  • Quality: The units are manufactured in a factory environment with a fully traceable QA system.
  • Safety: Considerable risks are removed from site due to site crews being small and operating in a controlled environment.
  • Design: Design is carried out early in the project, and in BIM which identifies any issues before construction.

The Precast Concrete Houses were delivered on time, to the satisfaction of the client. We would like to congratulate Newline Homes on a successful project and look forward to our next collaboration.