During the next phase, the manufacturing and fabrication process, highly specialised machines form the shapes utilising magnetic steel moulds from the information provided by the master computer. These moulds are used to house the steel reinforcements and will ultimately encase the concrete. Unlike on-site manually constructed forms, these frames are positioned by robots and are accurate to within 2mm of tolerance.

To enhance precision and minimise any likelihood of human error, each and every stage of the manufacturing process at Alcrete is control led by machines, including the curing process, where the master computer ensures the optimal consistency for every concrete batch cured.

This unrivalled level of accuracy means that the original drawings have been precisely replicated in precast concrete, complete with services in the cast walls (if required).


Alcrete technical experts and design engineers have extensive experience in a wide variety of precast pre-stressed concrete application and can provide assistance at any point from identifying the optimal structure arrangement.

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Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Arthurstown, Ireland spans over 125,000 square foot. It provides an unsurpassed service in terms of speed, precision and quality, resulting in significant cost savings compared to traditional construction methods.

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Alcrete Building Systems ensure the highest standards in servicing the needs of each project. We have a highly skilled and experienced Logistics team on hand to ensure that every product is delivered safely and efficiently to site.

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Alcrete Building Systems provide a superior installation service by an experienced team should the project require it.

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Completed Projects

Our qualified design team work with major contractors to develop value engineering solutions. Take a look at some of our completed projects here.