The Benefits of Precast Concrete Twin Walls

Precast Twin Walls - Strength with Reduced Weight

Precast twin wall concrete construction, a system which has been in successful use for many years, offers many benefits both to the building industry and the end user. Twin walls can supply the strength and stiffness necessary in a shear wall, and are an ideal choice for propped cantilever retaining walls in settings such as basements; they can also be used as standard cantilever retaining walls.

Less Time Lost to Bad Weather

As on-site labour is minimised, when using precast twin walls the building process is much less weather-dependent than with other construction techniques, and there is a substantial saving in construction time.

Precision and Waste Reduction

Further on-site savings result from the minimisation of waste, and the reduced need for storage space. Fabrication in controlled factory conditions also allows for precision in quality and specification. 

On-Site Efficiency

Because of the saving in weight which the double wall system provides, precast twin walls can be made in large sections; another advantage of their lower weight is the reduced need for on-site craneage. The production process produces a smooth surface to which paint can be applied directly, resulting in a further saving of time. Twin walls can also be customised, for example with cast-in fittings for electrical sockets and conduits, reducing the need for later drilling and cutting.

End-User Advantages

For the end user, twin walls have many advantages with regard to the comfort and practicality of the building; they provide good heat and sound insulation, and can also act as a heat store, warming the building by night from heat absorbed during the day. They are fire-resistant, and require minimal maintenance; as a result, there are potential savings in both daily-to-day and repair costs.


Alcrete technical experts and design engineers have extensive experience in a wide variety of precast pre-stressed concrete application and can provide assistance at any point from identifying the optimal structure arrangement.

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