Solid Walls

Solid walls can be made up to 12m, thus reducing the requirement of large supporting beams at floor level. Up to 16mm diameter reinforcement can be catered for, walls are suitable for shear walls and within multi-storey buildings.

Advantages of Solid Walls

  • Walls can be used as shear walls within a multi-storey building.
  • Transfer or spanning walls can be made up to 12m, thus reducing the requirement of large supporting beams at floor level.
  • All electrical socket outlets and conduits can be cast into both faces of the wall panel, conforming to BS standards and compatibility.
  • Fully grouted connections at the end of the 200 think precast walls provide the required 50db sound rating.
  • Steel RHS sections are cast into the solid walls to cater for the T25 vertical tie bars, (lapping of vertical ties within the RHS is not required as the cross sectional area of steel of the RHS is usually greater than that of the vertical dowel bars).
  • Additional reinforcement can be cast into the wall panels at the production stage to achieve cantilever wall sections.
  • Cast in items such as steel support angle, cono bar, or threaded sockets can easily be introduced during the manufacturing process, catering for on-site requirements.
  • All door and window sizes can be catered for within the wall panel, additional reinforcement is automatically used to prevent cracking around opes.
  • M16 sockets are precast into panel face to take diagonal push pull props on-site thus increasing installation speed and reducing damage to panel on-site.
  • Steel wire loop (Phillips loop), connectors at the ends of the solid wall panels provide a fully grouted rigid connection with increased sheer capacity.
  • Solid wall manufacture is based on an automatic production system, therefor overall lengths and prescribed reinforcement is always exact.


Alcrete technical experts and design engineers have extensive experience in a wide variety of precast pre-stressed concrete application and can provide assistance at any point from identifying the optimal structure arrangement.

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Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Arthurstown, Ireland spans over 125,000 square foot. It provides an unsurpassed service in terms of speed, precision and quality, resulting in significant cost savings compared to traditional construction methods.

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Alcrete Building Systems ensure the highest standards in servicing the needs of each project. We have a highly skilled and experienced Logistics team on hand to ensure that every product is delivered safely and efficiently to site.

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Alcrete Building Systems provide a superior installation service by an experienced team should the project require it.

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