The Benefits of Precast Concrete in Commercial Buildings

Speed and Simplicity

Its simplicity, and the speed of construction it offers, have ensured that precast concrete is a popular and widely-used building material for commercial buildings. It presents high-quality and environmentally-sustainable solutions in a variety of commercial settings.

Quality Assurance and Precision

Because precast concrete sections are fabricated offsite in climate-controlled conditions, quality can be assured and tight manufacturing tolerances respected. Precast concrete cures in optimal conditions, and as a result its longevity and structural strength are far more reliable than those of concrete poured in an unpredictable atmosphere.

Building in Bad Weather

On-site, construction using precast components can proceed in all but the worst weather conditions, saving expense and ensuring that tight building deadlines can be met.

Custom Fittings and Follow-On Trades

Precast concrete panels can be produced with openings and fixings for electrical and other utilities already in place, producing yet another time saving. Follow-on trades such as electricians and floor-layers can get to work without delay, reducing overall construction time.

Large Spans

A major advantage of precast concrete in office and industrial buildings is its ability to create large open interiors with a minimum of columns and beams; these wide spans are particularly useful in settings such as multi-storey car parks, warehouses, and retail premises.

End-User Satisfaction

Pre-cast concrete commercial buildings offer a high-quality business environment which can be ready in a relatively short period, yet tailored to the customer’s specific needs. They offer excellent value for money in both construction and running costs.


Alcrete technical experts and design engineers have extensive experience in a wide variety of precast pre-stressed concrete application and can provide assistance at any point from identifying the optimal structure arrangement.

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Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Arthurstown, Ireland spans over 125,000 square foot. It provides an unsurpassed service in terms of speed, precision and quality, resulting in significant cost savings compared to traditional construction methods.

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Alcrete Building Systems ensure the highest standards in servicing the needs of each project. We have a highly skilled and experienced Logistics team on hand to ensure that every product is delivered safely and efficiently to site.

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Alcrete Building Systems provide a superior installation service by an experienced team should the project require it.

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Our qualified design team work with major contractors to develop value engineering solutions. Take a look at some of our completed projects here.

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