Offsite Precast Concrete Building Solutions

Alcrete Building Systems employ a state-of-the-art, fully automated precast production system. The 125,000 square foot factory uses the world’s most technologically advanced equipment, including cutting edge robotics, in the manufacture of a complete range of precast concrete building components for the construction industry.

Alcrete’s world class facility is an innovative hybrid system which creates System Build units – a way of reducing complexity while still offering a customised solution to the client. The factory, based in Co. Kildare has excellent transport links to both Ireland and the UK, with a qualified supply chain and highly skilled logistics team.



Alcrete technical experts and design engineers have extensive experience in a wide variety of precast pre-stressed concrete application and can provide assistance at any point from identifying the optimal structure arrangement.

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Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Arthurstown, Ireland spans over 125,000 square foot. It provides an unsurpassed service in terms of speed, precision and quality, resulting in significant cost savings compared to traditional construction methods.

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Alcrete Building Systems ensure the highest standards in servicing the needs of each project. We have a highly skilled and experienced Logistics team on hand to ensure that every product is delivered safely and efficiently to site.

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Alcrete Building Systems provide a superior installation service by an experienced team should the project require it.

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